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Wed. Feb 8th, 2023


Going Global Has Never Been This Easy!


The Ultimate Meeting Point for Global Entrepreneurs: JLGLOBAL.SHOP




A: JLGLOBAL.SHOP is a sub-module of the digital platform of JLPRODSYS to provide an ultimate meeting point for global entrepreneurs.

Q: When did JLGLOBAL.SHOP launch?

A: Its beta version launched in July 2021. The official launch was in February 2022.

Q: Who is the owner of JLGLOBAL.SHOP?

A: JL Management and Industrial Systems LTD is the owner of JLGLOBAL.SHOP

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Q: Where is it located?

A: It is located in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Q: How was JLGLOBAL born?

A: SMEs (Small and medium-size enterprises) and the Start-Ups need digital infrastructure and experts to perform development, service management, work management, marketing, human resources, finance, design, operation, legal, production, and sales. The majority cannot afford their must-to-have needs or spend their very limited money with not-functioning uncompleted assets. They can not hire experts to lead their processes and cannot manage their losses. These issues are a common problem within SMEs around the world.

The JLPRODSYS Platform offers many digital services to micro and medium-size companies to improve their infrastructure. Under the JLPRODSYS Platform, the JLGLOBAL is born to compensate lack of commercial, marketing, and networking process and eliminate the global barriers such as the language, and different market-specific misunderstandings with affordable prices. 

Q: Why you should join JLGLOBAL.SHOP?

A: The JLPRODSYS PLATFORM gives you many opportunities to network with other members, discuss in forums and special interest groups, introduce your company to the global market and open your shop to sell your services worldwide.

In addition, the platform offers special services to help you market your brand, create the business model that best fits your vision, and guide you and your organization to your desired destination. 

Q: Is JLGLOBAL.SHOP only for the Turkish market?

A: Türkiye is the focus market for imports and export. It is a very dynamic market and offers many opportunities.

The Shenzhen-based Regional Representative will provide you with services in case of need, in the Asia Pacific Countries, especially in the PRC, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. 

The Dubai-based Regional Representative will provide you with services in case of need, in the Gulf Countries, especially in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Egypt.

Q: Which languages are supported?

The platform language is English. The platform supports 11 languages and eliminates possible language barriers for your global networking needs. The Platform languages are Turkish, English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Q: What are the payment channels?

Accepts Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Troy, American Express, and Iyzico integration (PayU).

Q: Is It a registered webpage?

A: Yes, It is registered in the ETBIS (Electronic Trade Information System) from Türkiye.

Q: Is SEO supported?

A: It supports by SEO management.

Q: Is there any integration possibility to other marketplace and social media?

A: Google, Facebook, and Instagram integrations are standard. Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplace are optional.

Q: What are the membership types

A: Please see: membership types

If you have still questions, feel free to call us anytime.

Thanks for reading,

Jale Gökbağ

Owner of JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd.

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